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Rehab consult moment


In preparation for the regular first-year evaluation, a rehab consult moment can provide a clear picture of the employee’s (sustainable) employability. In addition, the assessment could be used during the reintegration. Such appointments can be scheduled in consultation with the case manager. The rehab consult moment is done by ArboVita’s labour expert, through an online consultation.

When it comes to the preparation of the regular first-year evaluation, the rehab consult moment is carried out around 9 months after sick report.


This rehab consult moment takes place in consultation with the employer and includes:

  • Discussing the current situation regarding absenteeism;
  • Inventory of 1st track actions taken;
  • Insight into the employee’s work capacity from various angles;
  • Information about the reintegration obligations and consequences with regard to the New Occupational Disability legislationand the Collective Labour Agreement (salary discount);
  • Counsel with regard to the reintegration process (1st track/FML/IVA);
  • The rehab consult moment is discussed with the employer. The case is also discussed with the company doctor;
  • Brief report is part of the reintegration file and will also be submitted to UWV at the end of the waiting period. New Occupational Disability legislationstates a period of two years for the continued payment of wages and after those two years the waiting period expires.

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