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Career counseling process

Assistence trajectories

In addition to the occupational health service company, ArboVita also offers a career counseling process. In order to support employers with reintegration activities in the context of the so-called 2nd track obligations, we offer two coaching trajectories.

Career counseling

Career counseling has the important characteristic that it focuses on the career development of the individual employee and can be used preventively to stimulate the retention of personnel and development. A career professional guides the candidate in a professional manner towards a suitable career path and/or position. Examples of career counseling activities:

  • Guidance in career issues and stimulating insight into the development process;
  • Connecting educational needs with own organization’s desires;
  • Guidance of the candidate in the further development of already present qualities;
  • Preventive: Helping to clarify needs of and opportunities for candidate and organization;
  • Preventive: Recognizing signs of stress-related complaints and helping to understand the causes of these in order to stimulate recovery;
  • Guidance in determination of the candidate’s possibilities;
  • Guidance in and development of job application skills.

Reintegration Assistance

The important feature of reintegration counseling is its availability when the own employer has run out of possibilities.

A reintegration professional approaches potential employer and keeps in contact in order to gain a new workplace. He or she also supports the candidate in labour market exploration. Example activities for reintegration assistance:


  • Providing support in getting to know the labour market in general and exploring the possibilities at another employer;
  • Giving orders to optimize the search profile;
  • Job hunting: Searching for and arranging regular work on the basis of an internship, voluntary work, trial placement or secondment;
  • Actively searching/approaching job sites;
  • Introducing candidates within our network of employment agencies;
  • Mediation between a potential new employer and the candidate.

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