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About us

ArboVita is a nationally active and certified occupational health service company. A company delivering tailor-made work due to our personal approach. Our services consist of accompaniment in cases of absenteeism, the offering of RA&E (Risk, Assessment & Evaluation) and keeping it up to date, PMO’s (periodical medical examinations) and implementation of the Eligibility for Permanent Incapacity Benefit (Restrictions) Act.

Extensive industry knowledge

ArboVita is active in many industries and has proven experience in all branches. The most common complaints are related to problems with physical posture and psychological complaints.

Sustainable deployability

A problem for the coming years within the working world is the sustainable employability of the aging employee. ArboVita cooperates with a number of suppliers who are particularly specialized in that area.

Vision of absenteeism

Absenteïsm remains the responsibility of both employer and employee. Ideally, they both discuss the possibilities for the employee to participate in the work process. The role of the Occupational Physician/ Occupational Health and Safety Service (OHSS) is restricted to giving counsel to both parties. Depending on the type of company/work and reason for absenteeism our advice will vary.

ArboVita supports demedicalization during absenteeism, but we realize it often takes a physician to be involved. Our physicians restrict themselves to assess and indicate the possibilities with regard to medical conditions. There are often more reasons for absenteeism than medical causes only. ArboVita’s value is seen in the provision of tips and directions to the parties involved, aiming for solid solutions.

Open and direct communications are essential to our service. Our mission is to get people to work again rapidly and in good condition. Quality and durability of recovery are paramount.

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