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Absenteeism subscription comparison


  • Ideal for companies with low absenteeism
  • Standard amount for using the Absenteeism Registration System
  • You will be charged for separate actions afterwards

€ 27,50

per employee, per year


  • Assistance in case of absenteeism by the case manager
  • Actions within the framework of the Eligibility for Permanent Incapacity Benefit (Restrictions) Act
  • Most picked form of contract

€ 80,00

per employee, per year


  • Suitable for medium-sized companies
  • Maximum assistance in case of absenteeism by case manager and occupational physician
  • Most common costs with regard to absenteeism are included

€ 160,00

per employee, per year

Full Service

  • Complete relief during the process of absenteeism assistence
  • Unique contract on this market
  • All activities included

€ 265,00

per employee, per year

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